The search for perfect skin

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The search for perfect skin

LAURA LOGAN has had her fair share of expensive facials and while the pampering is perfect and the “me-time” a must the end results were not always worth the investment. So, when she started to battle blemishes she turned to sk:n 

As a teenager I never suffered from spots or acne so it has come as quick a shock to start battling incessant blemishes as I enter my 40s when I should be concentrating on anti-ageing creams and not dotting my face with spot creams.


They say healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body and as the skin is actually the largest organ in the body this makes sense.


Any upset in the skin’s balance can be shown through damage, disease and deterioration and should be addressed by eating a healthy diet, plenty of water, exercise, relaxation, sun avoidance and adopting a daily skincare regime.


As I ticked all the above boxes, but still couldn’t shake off my blotchy skin I decided to call in the experts at sk:n as I needed results – and quick.


But help was at hand in the form of Sandra, my therapist at the sk:n Clinic in Montpellier, Cheltenham, who made me feel at ease in their light, airy reception area while I filled in a health form prior to the treatment.


We then headed to her third-floor treatment room in the Regency building overlooking Montpellier Gardens, which in the early 19th Century was used by people taking the spa waters from the Pump Room opposite, known as the Rotunda.


So, it was in this historic spa town I now had the help of modern-day knowledge and technology to help tackle my skin problems. After visually assessing my skin Sandra then had a thorough look through a skin scanner, known as a Visia machine which can see any real damage hidden under deep layers of skin and more precisely sun damage.


It was interesting to see the shades of pigmentation over the face but thankfully after all my years of living in sunny climes I had not suffered too much sun damage which means sun creams do work.


“As Sandra pointed out it’s essential to wear sun block which contain both UVA and UVB. It’s easy to remember as the UVA light causes Ageing and UVB causes Burning.”


Other things exposed on the scanner were areas of dehydration and dryness under the eyes, my blemishes and break-outs and pigmentation on the chin.


With my assessment completed Sandra recommended a course of three-Glycolic Peels with a seven-day break between each treatment to allow my skin to renew.


“A Glycolic Peel is a much gentler option than a harsh chemical peel as it uses a natural fruit acid and you can enjoy a series of mild treatments, which don’t impact on your life, as you address problems such as mine.”


Alpha Hydroxy Acids are a group of naturally occurring acids and glycolic is the smallest and most penetrating so it helps to lift off the top layer of dead skin cells and smoothes away fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.


The treatment was simple and took about 15 minutes to complete. Once I had removed all traces of make-up Sandra brushed my skin with the fruit acid which initially tingled as it was applied and then smeared some cooling Manuka Honey on the blemishes.


Once my peel was finished I was able to apply some Revision Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 45 over my skin as it’s important to protect your face against the sun following a peel.


Incredibly my skin was not red or blotchy but felt very fresh and clean and I felt able to face the day and get on with work minutes after leaving the sk:n Clinic – which I couldn’t have done if I had experienced a chemical peel.


But my treatment wasn’t finished the moment I left the clinic as I was armed with a number of products to enhance my skin at home.

“During the next few days I noticed a slight peeling but make-up was easy to apply and the blemishes started to subside and the redness fade.”

On subsequent visits to the clinic the potency of the fruit acid went up slightly as my skin got used to it. I also tried the breathable Lycogel make-up. This camouflage and concealer promotes skin repair and regeneration and therefore is of great anti-ageing benefit.


A month later and the results have been amazing. With each peel my skin got progressively clearer and the blemishes quickly started to subside. I have avidly stuck to the cleanser and moisturiser which has worked wonders. Result!

The Skin – Did You Know?

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  • Freckles usually appear in adolescence and almost disappear in 30 years.
  • The vascular system of the skin holds a third of the blood circulating in the body – 1.6 litres.
  • The skin cells of a new born regenerate every 72 hours while people aged from 16-35 years take 28 days.
  • The skin of an adult has an average of 30 to 100 moles, but sometimes the number can exceed more than 400.
  • The thickest skin is on the soles of the feet.
  • There are 100 sweat glands on each square centimetre of skin




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