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The power of gold!

Discover the elixir of youth beneath Margy’s exclusive gold collagen facial

Did you know Cleopatra slept with a gold mask on her face every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin youthful?

Today, A-list celebrities such as actresses Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz are also fans of gold facials due it anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and anti-ageing properties.

At Margy’s we have developed the exclusive Gold Mask treatment is currently available in our Institute in Monaco and in the palatial surroundings of the [Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray] in Dubai.

This half hour facial detoxifies and vastly regenerates the cells, tightens the face muscles creating a formidable anti-stress effect. Applied at the end of a collagen treatment, it will amplify the results.

The facial, suitable for all skin types, involves covering your face with the gold mask, which is much lighter than you would expect, and then gentle electrical micro-currents are conducted onto the skin which creates a tingly sensation.

Software developed by Margy’s enables the therapist to choose one of four programmes designed to detox, stimulate, regenerate or illuminate your skin.

The treatment aims at slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin. Gold conducts ions which stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer, regenerating firm skin cells and providing a tightening effect.

The mask transmits three signals; special, medium and modulatedwhich automatically combine themselves depending on the desired effect:

  • For sensitive skin: reduces risk of inflammation and will reinforce the skin texture
  • For oily and thick skin: intracellular detoxification and purification of the cells
  • For dry skin: rebuilds and firms the muscle fibre
  • For dehydrated skin: restores elastin, regenerates the cells and builds up the collagen

My gold mask is a beauty amplifier and complexion enhancer and there is no comparable procedure in the world.



Why gold is good for our skin

1. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Gold conducts ions which stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer providing a tightening effect which reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and marks on the skin

2. Stimulates the skin cells

The ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves and veins in your body which leads to improved blood circulation.

3. Premature ageing can be stopped

Dry skin can lead to premature aging. Use of gold can reduce the dryness of skin and helps in increasing the metabolic rate.

4. Allergies can be treated

The antioxidant properties present in gold helps in increasing blood circulation which leads to reduction in acne and other skin allergies.

5. Inflammation can be treated

Gold is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties that help oxygen to enter into the skin for renewal of the cells.

6. Elasticity of the skin can be increased

Use of gold can breakdown the elastin gradually and restore the elasticity of the tissues and making it firm and toned.

7. Helps promote a healthy glow

Gold helps in improving the blood circulation, hence it helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture level making the skin look healthy, fresh and radiant.


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