Spa spot: October 2016

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Spa spot: October 2016

Where are we?

Dream wellness destination spa


The multiple top awards winning destination for a world class spa and wellness experience offering an idyllic haven in exploring the path towards total well-being,

This is a premier spa and wellness destination where guest from all over the world can expect the highest and uncompromising levels of service, with most modern treatments and equipment’s with highest levels trained and certified therapist, beauticians and consultants and nutritionist’s, trainers and experience doctors.

The first European concept spa in the region, this retreat combines the best of European spa expertise with renowned Asian hospitality, providing a complete organic experience to a discerning clientele who wishes to embark on a journey toward wellness.

Apart from the extensive range of spa treatments, guests benefit from a professional nutritional consultation that unveils a realistic yet adequate nutrition plan. Equally important is the mission to incorporate fitness regime into the everyday life, inciting interest and know how on the path towards a complete well-being.


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