Spa Traveller Wellness partner frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

How are people guided to your website?

People are guided to Spa Traveller Wellness through:

  • Search engines
  • Key word searches
  • Spa Traveller Wellness Awards – in the sixth year, viewed by more than 1 million spa-goers
  • Profile promotion – Gold Wellness Standard which are SEO efficient and indexed by search engines
  • Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Wellness Cafe – this is a mash-up of social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • e-newsletters / email marketing
  • Submission of Spa Traveller Wellness site map to search engines such as Google
  • Competitions – wellness treatments, wellness retreats, weight-management progamme and wellness and anti-ageing products
  • Spa Traveller Wellness e-magazine and e-newsletters – distributed around the UK and internationally to more than 150,000 wellness seekers, retreat guests and spa-goers
  • Targeted editorial features
  • Advertorials
  • Content Marketing
  • Re-marketing campaigns
  • Google and social media campaigns

Focus on: destinations for example; Focus on: London Wellness Centres which are SEO efficient and indexed by search engines

Best of: destinations for example Best Wellness Zones: Rome which are SEO efficient and indexed by search engines.

Dedicated features – wellness specific

  • Advertorials (content marketing)
  • Tactical promotions (offers + e-shot + social media + The Spa Cafe)
  • Expert recommendations / endorsements (from our expert columnists)
  • Focus on therapists – we will be profiling therapists and spa professionals from November 2015
  • Offers and promotions
Do you send out pro-active e-newsletters and email promotions to your database?

Yes, we send regular targeted e-newsletters and email promotions with specified call-to-actions points to direct business to our partners.

Do you have a database of membership or general database, and if so how many are on the database?

Yes, more than 100,000 affluent spa-goers
Plus all awards voters
Plus all competition entrants
Plus Spa industry professionals

How do you go about increasing your Google rankings and profile?

Our dedicated specialist SEO team use well written title tags and key words such as: wellness centres in London, wellness retreats in the Cotswolds, wellness spas in Cyprus, best wellness spas in Cornwall, Focus on wellness in Scotland, Best city wellness centres, best wellness cuisine recipes etc.
Submission to search engines
Paid search for tactical promotions

Can you track business acquired via your website, if so how?

Yes, if booked through the Spa Traveller Wellness website, via Google analytics, our own tracking systems and referral codes

What special offers can we place on the Spa Traveller Wellness platform to increase bookings?

You can place a combination of offers i.e. Wellness days, Detox treatments, Destress programmes, Wellness retreats, wellness treatments, anti-ageing programmes, fitness retreats, fitness programmes, corporate and , workplace wellness and retreats.
Offers and promotions can be set by start and end date, with your images, your copy and pricing and by number available.
We charge a small processing fee of 15% on each booking received by your spa through Spa Traveller Wellness.

You have full access to our  Spa Traveller Wellness Partner Admin area where you are able to amend and add copy and images, add and amend offers and manage you own user details.

Click here to go to sign-up as a Spa Traveller Wellness Partner or log-in to your admin account 

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Who is the contract between when wellness-seekers / customers purchase an offer presented by a partner spa through Spa Traveller Wellness platform?

Spa Traveller Wellness provides the platform for partners to engage and sell their offers and promotions to wellness customers.

Spa Traveller Wellness is not a party to the contract between a customer (guest/s) and the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment selected by the customer; Spa Traveller Wellness does not endorse the service; is not responsible for the quality or safety of the service; and, is not responsible for the performance of the contract, including acts or omissions.
In no event will Spa Traveller Wellness be liable to either the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment or the customer (guest/s) for any lost profits or any indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages arising out of, based on or resulting from your booking even if Spa Traveller Wellness had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

How are bookings taken?

Bookings are made and a contract between the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment and the customer (guest/s) comes into effect when Spa Traveller Wellness accepts and processes an online offer or promotion purchase by a customer (guest). Spa Traveller Wellness will accept an e-voucher sale when we have confirmed the sale and received full payment from the spa-goer of the total price quoted from the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment .

How are online e-vouchers purchased?

e-vouchers must be paid for using an acceptable and valid credit or debit card.

How does the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment know if an e-voucher is valid?

When an e-voucher sale is confirmed, a voucher reference number is given. This number must be retained for access to the e-voucher details if cancellation or amendment is necessary.

There is a ‘quick check’ facility for the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment to verify the authenticity and validity of the e-voucher.

Do quoted prices include VAT?

All published rates include VAT where applicable (and local taxes) at the current rate.

When does Spa Traveller Wellness pay the spa / hotel / resort establishment for e-vouchers sold for and on behalf of the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment ?

Payments for all partner e-voucher sales are made on the second Friday and the last Friday of every month to retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishments. We do not retain or hold back e-voucher proceeds until the e-voucher has been redeemed by the purchaser. We send all proceeds less our processing fee to the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment . Any non-redemption is for the benefit of the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment .

What value does the retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment receive for each e-voucher sold?

Spa Traveller Wellness retains a 15% processing fee on the face value of each e-voucher sold. The fee covers credit card fees and our processing costs.

Is there any fee or commission for any upsell?

No, Spa Traveller Wellness does not charge a fee for any upsell. All benefit for any upsell, including additional spa treatments, product sales, rooms reservations and food and beverage sales are 100% for the benefit of the spa / hotel / resort establishment.

Why should my retreat, spa / hotel / resort, product establishment agree to join the Spa Traveller Wellness partner e-voucher programme, rather than just feature in a Gold Wellness Standard profile?

It is common knowledge that Internet users like to research and complete a transaction simply without complication or having to visit multiple website to complete a transaction.  Our Spa Traveller Wellness platform enables wellness seekers searching for their next wellness programme or experience to easily research, compare and purchase a wellness treatment or wellness retreat package.
We Inform and Inspire our readers to purchase your e-vouchers so you can Indulge your future customers (guests).

What changes are being carried out to the new Spa Traveller Wellness website?

The new BETA version of the Spa Traveller Wellness website which builds on six years experience at the forefront of strong spa and wellness editorial the new platform is a more informative, visual and interactive format.  All existing partner profiles are being transferred to the new digital platform and new wellness partners are being added. Our team have more than 50 years combined health, spa, wellness, editorial, print and digital magazine experience providing an unprecedented platform to showcase your wellness centre and products.

Who does Spa Traveller Wellness target?

Spa Traveller Wellness is a comprehensive guide to wellness spas, retreats, wellness spa experiences, wellness treatments and products with in-depth features, guides and forums.

Spa Traveller Wellness is primarily read by English speaking spa-and-wellness-goers of British origin.

Spa Traveller Wellness connects spa-and-wellness-goers with wellness providers.

Gold Wellness Standard:
Wellness retreats, hotel and resort wellness centres and spas

United Kingdom:

  • UK Wellness retreats, hotel and resort wellness centres and spas wanting to attract affluent day and wellness retreat guests.
  • UK Hotel and Resort spas targeting wellness break customers
  • UK wellness centres and spas wanting to increase the number of treatments sold during slow periods i.e. mid-week, or when there is an exclusive use event in the hotel and the spa has no treatment reservations
  • UK spas targeting workplace wellness customers

European and International editions:

  • European and International Wellness retreats, hotel and resort wellness centres and spas wanting to target the affluent UK customer for Wellness retreats, hotel and resort wellness centres and spas abroad
  • European and International Wellness retreats, hotel and resort wellness centres and spas wanting to target UK / English speaking expats living in their local area

Wellness and anti-ageing products and brands:

  • Wellness and anti-ageing products and brands wanting to target an affluent wellness-at-home customer base
  • Results driven products
  • Organic product ranges
  • Wellness related products.
What are the Spa Traveller Wellness reader demographics?
  • Spa Traveller Wellness readers are ABC1
  • 70% are women. 30% men
  • 70% UK readers
  • 10% USA readers
  • 15% European readers (Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland)
  • 5% readers from the rest of the world (Asia, Middle East, Australia)

Combined, each edition of the website, awards, competitions, profiles, social media (The Wellness Café) and digital e-magazine / e-newsletters are read by and targeted at more than one million affluent wellness seekers / spa-goers.

The original The Spa Traveller website has received upto 3.5 million page impressions per month during peak periods during the past six years.

When were The Spa Traveller Awards 2015 Winners announced?

Winners of ALL categories were announced online November 3, 2015 during World Travel Market London (WTM London) which was also UK National Spa Week 2015.


When do nominations open for the Spa Traveller Wellness Awards 2016?

Nominations for the Spa Traveller Wellness Awards 2016 opened on January 15, 2016.

Nominations will be taken until July 1, 2016.

Winners will be announced in November 2016.


What special events to attract additional readers and subscribers is Spa Traveller Wellness running?

To celebrate our makeover and six year anniversary we are offering extraordinary and exclusive Spa Traveller Wellness subscriber prizes.

The incredible subscriber Competition prizes combined with our social media channel – The Wellness Cafe, the high profile Spa Traveller Wellness Awards 2016, our new Offers and Promotions section, e-newsletters and targeted marketing initiatives will attract high levels of additional traffic to our digital media platforms, and will engage the readers of our magazine, providing increased exposure for the wellness partners and wellness product companies that feature with us.



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