Music to our ears

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Most spas today not only offer a treatment menu but also a music

menu so we can relax to the soothing music of Deuter’s Sea and

Silence or even the romantic ballads of Michael Buble.

But what is the benefit of selecting our own background music during

a massage or facial?

It has been found that spas offering personalised music choices to

guests may be onto a winner, according to findings from the

University of Maryland Medical Center in the US.

A study led by cardiologist Dr Mike Miller found that listening to your

favourite music may be good for the heart. When study participants

listed to tunes that they knew made them fell good or joyful, the inner

lining of their blood vessels expanded to increase blood flow.

On the other hand, when they listened to songs they perceived as

stressful, their blood vessels narrowed.

Most participants in this US survey selected country music as their

favourite and heavy metal as the opposite. However, Miller says you

"can’t read too much into this" as it’s down to personal choice.

Spa Traveller Wellness suspects the results would have been slightly

different if the survey had been carried out in the UK!

What music do you relaxing to when you have a massage or facial?


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