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We provide a variety of profile, listings, advertising and bespoke promotional packages which can be combined with other options and tailored to your specific needs. is a comprehensive specialist spa, wellness, health and fitness website which aims to inform and inspire readers to improved health and wellness.

Spa Traveller Wellness is a passport to wellness through spa treatments, diet (healthy cuisine), fitness and lifestyle choices. Health in your hands.

Our expansion and rebrand from The Spa Traveller reflects our growing expertise, ability to offer valuable and informative spa, wellness, health and fitness content.  This has enabled us to develop new interactive online spa, wellness, fitness and health communities and offer a comprehensive range of information, products and services to help ‘give people a boost’ and discover a ‘zest for life’.

Through the decades. We are are committed to helping both women and men of all ages lead a healthy and active lifestyle and develop and enhance their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Health in your hands. In our Spa, Wellness, Health and fitness forums you’ll find answers to common questions and the latest news and opinion, along with advice, case studies and evidence from our experts. You’ll also find our healthy recipes / diet section bursting with ideas for delicious healthy meals and discover how they can enhance quality of life.

Wellness know-how and how to be spa savvy. Offers well-researched and productive advice to help you stay one step ahead and enjoy total well-being.

Wellness local. A local reach which enables spa and wellness centres and products brands to develop a strong local presence and target customers by location and interest. This new service allows users in your community to search for a recommended business near them, bringing them directly to your door to see what you have to offer.

Content marketing and quality editorial. We create and share of quality editorial content, images and videos which are relevant to your target audience in order to help you attract and keep customers.  We provide an additional channel to help you communicate and develop a relationship with your clients outside of traditional selling services to them.

Sponsorship. Promote your brand to a large targeted audience. Sectional, regional,  awards and global opportunities available.

On-site / Display advertising. Helps ensure you achieve maximum exposure for yourbusiness, We offer site-wide advertising options in the form of wrap-round, banner and MPU adverts – site wide, by section, by region, by topic.  Available many different formats such as text, images, rotating images, video, and audio to deliver your advertisements and brand messages to our website visitors and your future customers.

Profile listings and The Gold Collection. We create a dynamic and customisable listing page for you, offering an unparalleled means to promote your your business and sell your spa, health and fitness products, spa and wellness cafes, treatments, spa days and retreats.

Social media. Every opportunity you have to syndicate your content and increase your visibility is valuable. Use our channels as an additional forum for your brand’s voice and content.

Ask the expert / Forums / interactive online spa, wellness, fitness and health communities. Use our Ask the expert and Forums to engage and interact with your target audience online.

e-Newsletters. We offers a wealth of promotional opportunities via our well-established e-newsletter database. We make use of targeted and highly clickable content and features based around spa, wellness, treatments, spa days, spa breaks, retreats, fitness, lifestyle and healthy food. Our e-newsletters keep our service relevant to our readers and users by providing useful and reliable content which is relevant to them and their interests. They help ensure Spa Traveller Wellness keeps ‘Health in your hands’ (the customer) and  plays an important and continual role in the pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. Use our e-newsletters to build relationships, drive traffic, and direct customers to your key content.

Last minute sales. Sell your last-minute or excess inventory to a targeted audience via our online store and auction platforms.

Wellness professionals. Join our community and become part of a wide network of like minded spa and wellness industry professionals. Information, expos, training and jobs…

Analytics reports. We track and record all page impressions and click-through’s on all our pages, external links. All data is provided to you.


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We provide a variety of advertising and bespoke promotional packages which can be combined with other options and tailored to your specific needs. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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