A-Z of spa facilities

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A to Z of Spa Facilities

Before booking your next spa and wellness experience, check out our guide below to find our more about what facilities will help you ‘target your treatment!’

Search A-Z of spa facilities

Aerobics studio

Area used for floor exercises.

Affusion shower massage

Massage given under a relaxing, rain-like, warm shower of water or seawater. Increases blood circulation.

Aquamedic pool

Pool with specially positioned therapeutic jets for benefits such as relaxation and improving muscle tone.


Soaking or cleansing the body in water that is typically infused with salt, flowers, minerals or essential oils. May serve as a prelude to, or conclude a treatment.

Blitz shower

Standing body massage in which a high-pressure shower jet is directed at the body or specific parts of the body by a therapist who is about 3 meters away. Has a deep massaging effect, which increases circulation. Also known as douche au jet, jet blitz or jet massage.

Cold plunge pool

Small pool filled with chilled water to stimulate blood and cool the body quickly, especially after a sauna.

Creme bath

Hair and scalp conditioning treatment in which a rich cream is applied to the hair section by section. The hair may be steamed before being rinsed. May include a neck, scalp and shoulder massage.

Dry floatation bed

The floatation bed allows the body to fall into a deeper state of relaxation allowing the body to recover from stress. Pain is relieved. Blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues, natural endorphins are released, the brain gives out alpha waves associated with relaxation and meditation. It takes approximately 15 minutes to enter the first stage of deep relaxation, and the remaining 45 mi

Floral bath

Flower-filled bath with essential oils.


Workout room with weights, and a range of high-tech cardio and variable resistance equipment.

Hair services

Services for the hair, including cutting, styling, deep conditioning, hair colouring, and washing and blow drying.


Turkish steam bath using aromatherapy essences that cleanse, purify, and stimulate blood circulation. The typical Hammam consists of a series of interconnecting chambers and pools of varying temperatures; bathers can wander between rooms, starting from the coolest and moving to the hottest before completing their ritual in a cold plunge pool. In todays spas, it is usually part of an overall ritual

Hot plunge pool

Pool of hot water that helps open the capillaries.

Hot tub

Wooden tub of hot or cool water to soak the body.


Bathtub with water jets that pummel all parts of the body. Seawater may be used, or the water may be infused with essential oils or mineral salts. Relaxes, and stimulates muscle tone and circulation.


Pool fitted with various high pressure jets and fountains.

Kneipp baths

Herbal or mineral baths of varying temperatures combined with diet and exercise. Kneipp thereapy uses hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments to improve circulation.

Lap pool

Swimming pool with exercise lanes. Standard lap pools are 25 metres in length.

Mud pool

Pool with a central pedestal of volcanic mud. The mud is self-applied to the body and left to dry in the sun before being rinsed off leaving the skin deeply cleansed.


Japanese natural hot springs.

Rasul (Rasool)

Traditional Arabian cleansing ritual performed in a Tiled steam room in which different muds are applied to the body before being washed off. Often used as pre-massage treatment in the modern day.


Dry heat, wood-lined treatment room. The heat brings on sweating to help cleanse the body of impurities and relax the muscles. Usually followed by a cold plunge or shower.

Steam room

Tiled room with benches in which steam is generated at high pressure and temperature. The steam opens the pores, eliminates toxins, cleanses the skin and relaxes the body.

Thermal bath

Therapeutic use of thermal water rich in salts and minerals.

Turkish bath

Series of hot and humid steam rooms, each of which increases in heat. You spend several minutes in each room and finish with a cool shower.

Vichy shower

Spray of water from five micro-jets fixed to a horizontal rail which rain down on you while you lie on a table below. May also include a massage. Also known as affusion shower or rain shower.

Wet area

Area in a spa where Jacuzzis, saunas, cold tubs, hot tubs, steam baths and pressure showers are located.


Hot bath with high pressure jets on the sides and bottom that circulate the water. Massages muscles and relaxes the body.



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