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Tree of Life Spa Resort
Lazenska 165
507 81 Lázne Belohrad
Czech Republic

T: +420 493 767 000

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Insider tips

Indulge in the unique variety of peat treatments

Nordic walking with special sticks is available and is great exercise as it uses 600 muscles which is 90 per cent of all the muscles in your body!

If you are following one of the programmes you will have an initial consultation with The Tree of Life resident doctor.

Make sure you arrive early for your treatments to give yourself maximum time to enjoy the spa facilities.










For more than 130 years people have been travelling to Lázne Belohrad in the Czech Republic to seek relief from the indigenous peat which is used in a variety of treatments from baths to poultices.

These treatments are now offered by the luxurious Tree of Life Spa Resort which is situated in the stunning countryside of Lazne Belohrad – only an hour drive from the historic city of Prague – and near the source of the natural peat reserves.


This modern, family-friendly spa offers more than 80 traditional treatments, massages, beauty procedures and medical therapies. They specialise in specially-tailored which can extend up to two weeks for maximum benefits.


Attentive staff, which includes their own on-site doctor, are focused on helping guests achieve positive results, which are achieved through a variety of procedures such as peat, hydrotherapy and physical exercise harnessing the power of the natural peat.

The peat is extracted from the countryside near the spa and once extracted is crushed, water is added and then the mixture is heated to a temperature of 37-39C. It is then used in the form of a peat compress or water is added to make up the therapeutic baths.

Peat has a high capacity for retaining heat (seven times higher than water), so it doesn‘t cool down much during a treatment. The body warms up slowly in peat and this increases tissue perfusion which helps soothe muscular tension and reduce joint pain.

Peat baths and poultices are used to treat arthritis, conditions following joint-replacement operations plus eczema and cellulite


Wow factor

Indulge in the indigenous peat and don’t miss out on the magical rhassoul bath which harnesses the power of peat using different coloured pieces



Although many of the signature treatments at The Tree of Life revolve around the use of peat the spa also offers physiotherapy, hydrotherapy baths, massages, phototherapy, oxygen and inhalation therapy, application of CO2, wellness and beauty (including a gold or caviar facial) plus the exotic spa and Finnish sauna.

The physiotherapy includes the Flask Massage, which is the ancient Chinese technique in which the surface muscle is sucked into the mouth of flask, plus hydro-massage in the warm pool which is fitted with underwater massage jets and special bench. Other massages on offer include SCEN-TAO body and facial care, hot stone massage and Manual Lymph Drainage which boosts immunity and helps balance hormones.

The baths include the Anna Marie carbonic bath which helps prevent and treat cellulite as the carbon dioxide bubbles are absorbed through the skin and improves circulation and tissue nutrition.

Other signature treatments include:

Peat bath
This bath is taken at a temperature of around 38°C and lasts for 20 minutes. It warms
the body deeply and evenly which helps relieve muscular tension, reduces pain, stimulates tissue regeneration, stabilises the nervous system and prevents inflammation.
The active agents and minerals stimulate tissue regeneration and healing.
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Natural peat poultice

Heated peat is applied in a layer a few centimetres thick; it is spread all over the relevant part of the body and left in place for 20 minutes. Deep heat builds up which loosens the muscles, washes inflammatory waste products out of the tissues and stimulates the metabolism. As it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hypodermis it is also used for cosmetic purposes and for treating cellulite.
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Rhassoul bath
This oriental steam spa bath uses moist heat combined with the beneficial effects of
peat. The magical surroundings of this original spa create an intimate atmosphere. During the treatment you place different coloured pieces of peat to different part of the body.
After further heating you will be lightly massaged with the peat.
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The use of magnets as therapy has a long history. Magnetic fields have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, relieve cramps, reduce swelling and speeds up the healing process. Magnetotherapy makes use of the effects of electromagnetic fields and is applied using rollers or flat applicators.
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This treatment claims to boost memory and sleep and boosts tissue nutrition and is a favourite of top sportsmen and women. At The Tree of Life you can indulge in this treatment and inhale 95 per cent oxygen for 50 minutes in a special concentrator.
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Mineral peeling
Saline peeling breaks down the connection between the dead and healthy skin cells and the salt grains smooth the skin.

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Exotic spa
Laconium is the Greek word for “perspiratory” and is a purifying bath kept at a steady 50C. The dry heat stimulates circulation and relaxes the body.

The Exotic Spa also includes a steam bath (with a humidity of up to 80-100 per cent), a salt bath (which relieve respiratory problems), herbal steam bath using mint, lavender and citrus essences plus the Rhassoul bath and Finnish sauna.


Steam Baths
Finnish Sauna
Rehabilitation swimming pool
Medical care


Spa Packages and Programmes

The programmes focus mainly on weight reduction, elimination of neck and joint pain, preventing neck and back pain and reducing stress.

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The four-star spa hotel has 146 beds offering both standard rooms with TV/SAT, balcony, bath and air-conditioning and luxury Suits with its own living room and small kitchen.




The four restaurants include, Restaurant Vernissage, Restaurant Romantica, Lobby Bar and Garden Café.



Spa on Business

If you’re looking form somewhere unconventional for your corporate event why not try The Tree of Life:
Accommodation in double rooms and luxury suites
Multi-purpose hall
4 meeting rooms
Catering services
Entertainment and musical shows, teambuilding activities.



Family-friendly activities

Sports ground – five outdoor tennis courts, indoor tennis hall

Athletic stadium, two football fields, two volleyball courts, 20-metre swimming pool, bike and scooter rental, marked cycling trails.

Golf – courses nearby
Mini Golf




  • Location
  • The Tree of Life Spa Resort - Lazne Belohrad Medical Spa is situated in beautiful countryside close to the town of Lazne Belohrad, just 90 minutes from the capital city of Prague.


  • GPS: 50°25'44.473"N, 15°35'35.330"E


Location - Google Map


Winner of the 2009 Czech TOP 100 competition in the category Heath- Education – Humanity

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