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Spa Traveller Awards 2019

The Spa Traveller Awards 2019

International, Country and Wellness Categories
Nominations for all United Kingdom, International, Country and Wellness Categories will run until January 15, 2019.
New Nominations for ALL Categories can be made during the first phase of the voting process, until January 15, 2019.
Winners will be announced in July, 2019

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• Reader's Choice: Voting is by category and spas are voted on by members of the public through this online process.

• If there is sufficient evidence (in Spa Traveller Wellness's sole discretion) to suggest malpractice and manipulation of the voting process, The Spa Traveller reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any entry even after such entry is submitted on the website.

• The Spa Traveller at its sole discretion reserves the right to add any new nominee at any time prior to the announcing of the finalists.

• The decision of The Spa Traveller is final and no negotiation will be entered into with respect to any such decision.

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