Editorís Choice:
TRUFFLE NOIR by Temple Spa


Images: courtesy Temple Spa

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift then TRUFFLE NOIR from Temple Spa could be the perfect answer – for him and for her!


It’s not often I get to review a product by night and pass it on to my husband to review by day but TRUFFLE NOIR, with its black truffles, platinum and champagne extract is not your everyday moisturiser.


And as the press release states this “facial rejuvenation is a 24/7 investment” as my husband and I discovered. At no point during the week was one of us not wearing the platinum-coloured cream.


For women, it is recommended TRUFFLE NOIR be used for night duty as the combination of ingredients helps to repair, restore and renews the skin as you sleep. I applied the cream after cleansing every night and found it light to the touch and quickly absorbed.


For men, Temple Spa recommends it part of their daily skincare regime. My husband reported it was soothing to apply after shaving and kept his skin soft throughout the day.


As the jar is simple black and silver it looks elegant on your dressing table but also doesn’t look out of place in your man’s wash bag. The perfect unisex pot.


We are now playing ping pong with our coverted jar of TRUFFLE NOIR and will have to place our order when it comes onto the market on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2013).


This is a revolutionary product which is sure to follow in the footsteps of Temple Spa’s award-winning SKIN TRUFFLE




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