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The SPA Traveller talks to power couple Mark and Liz Warom whose natural products have captured the essence of the Mediterranean

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How many times have you heard people say: “If you could bottle it you would make a fortune”. This is exactly what power couple Mark and Liz Warom did after a holiday to the Mediterranean.

Inspired by the healthy diet and lifestyle of the people living in this sunny part of Europe they returned to the UK and started Temple Spa.

A decade later their natural products are now a global brand and are available on first-class airlines, cruise ships and in hip hotels. They have also just won best anti-ageing winner in the Beauty Bible awards for their luxury product, SKIN TRUFFLE.

Liz and Mark have captured the essence of the Mediterranean in their products by using ingredients such as pomegranates and papayas to red peppers, olives, lemongrass, liquroice and tomatoes.

Using the philosophy ‘your body is a temple’ they are clear to point out they are not offering “hope in a bottle” but a refreshingly different skin care range which replenishes and revives to offer a feeling or wellbeing.

And to extend your spa experience beyond the realm of your therapist they have included a clever “message in a bottle” with your product which informs you how to continue your treatments at home.

The SPA Traveller met up with Mark and Liz Warom:

Q: What were you doing before you launched Temple Spa?

We both worked for Anita Roddick at The Body Shop which took us round the world and gave us international experience. During our four years managing The Body Shop Colourings we took sales from 10 million pounds to more than 124 million pounds.

We then went on to create our own brand called VIE (French for “life”) but then got our lucky break which was a 20-minute chat with entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

Twenty minutes turned into two hours and I remember him ringing his wife, Joan, to tell her he was going into the beauty business. He was very excited about this move and Virgin Vie was born. We ran this for three years and it was very successful but we wanted to take our own dreams forward and have something of our own with our name on.

So, we decided to ring Richard and tell him we were leaving Virgin Vie. He was in a hot air balloon flying over Marrakech. He was shocked a bit by our decision, but understood why we needed the freedom to create something for ourselves.

Q: How was the idea for Temple Spa conceived?

After we left Virgin Vie we took some time off to reflect and gather our thoughts so we went down to the Mediterranean and visited every single country.

Mark, who tends to be the driving force, was keen for us to launch our own business but I was not ready.

But during out travels around the Med we became uplifted by the culture, healthy cuisine and stunning scenery. People living in this part of the world enjoy one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world
as they eat foods in season which tend to be organic by default and they live their life in a particular rhythm and style which we loved.

It was while we were standing on a balcony in Cyprus (the home of Aphrodite) that we got the idea for Temple Spa. We had been strongly influenced by the warmth, colours, landscape, history and lifestyle and this now inspires our products, ingredients and treatments.

Q: What is the philosophy behind Temple Spa?

Inspired by the ancient word 'temple', which describes the body as a sacred place and a precious house; and 'spa’, which is a space for health, beauty and relaxation and conjures up a sense of absolute comfort and joy.

Uniting these words together, our hope is that Temple Spa becomes a metaphor for looking after skin, body and soul.

Unfortunately, stress and its negative connotations are now an accepted condition of life. Our products aim to offer a remedy, with a message of 'it's okay to take time out for you'. We all need time and space to nurture our health, to help regain energy, restore peace and calm, not only for our skin and body, but for the wellbeing of our souls.

Q: Who makes your products?

European through and through, Temple Spa is ‘made in England’ but has a strong Mediterranean seasoning which influences our ingredients and style inspiration.

Our development team includes world renowned doctors, herbalists, professors of biochemistry and dermatology from Switzerland, Italy and the UK.

Our skin care was first created in laboratories near Lake Geneva, by a leading professor of biochemistry who is also a native of Tuscany. His portfolio boasts some of the worlds leading brands, and he still feels Temple Spa is his best ever work! We also work with a leading herbalist in Suffolk England who has over 50 years experience dedicated to the study of botanicals.

Q: What sets you apart from other spa brands?

We are the brand to be found, in that we are not in every department store in the country and appeal to a discerning customer who likes to hunt out niche products.

We concentrate on the texture, smell and performance of our products as we know they have to deliver.

Texture is important so we use silicon technology in a lot of our products to create a feeling of cashmere. People are also looking for instant gratification which is why our EXALT firming neck and WINDOWS OF THE SOUL are so popular as they work immediately.

Our quirky names also stand out from the crowd we use titles such as BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE for our morning exfoliator, DUVET for our firming body cream and TA-DAH! which is our liquid bling for the skin.

We understand people have busy lives so all or products are quick and easy to use and our skin care range contains an effective anti-ageing formula. And finally, we add our message in a bottle with our products so people can follow our tips and continue their spa treatments at home.

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