Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes - now on The SPA Basket

Exclusive new product from the Founder of Heaven, Deborah Mitchell, and that famous Bee Venom Facial


Images: courtesy Heaven by Deborah Mitchell


Therapist-to-the-stars Deborah Mitchell, famous for her bee venom facial, has just launched her first range of facial wipes.

The Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes are now available to buy on The SPA Basket (


After much persuasion from our team, Deborah, who has treated such A-listers as The Duchess of Cambridge to Kylie Minogue, finally agreed to provide 10 packs of these exclusive wipes plus 10 luxurious flight bags – so it’s first come, first serve…


The large organic cloth cotton wipes contain apple pectin and are textured to exfoliate deep clean and even remove mascara – ideal for travellers and everyday use.


Containing Apple Pectin which works to dissolve and exfoliate skin cells, these facial wipes soften your skin as well as giving it a deep cleanse. The Honey ingredients work to heal the skin whilst the extracts of peppermint help balance oily areas.


Deborah said: “Now I’ve never agreed with facial wipes because I feel they don't deep clean. But my daughter loves the convenience of them, so together we have designed, the first ever wipes to use alone or with your skin care routine.”


Suitable for all types of skin, the extra ingredient of peppermint oil is great for keeping blemishes at bay.


For extra cleansing the wipes can be used with any of the Heaven cleansing creams making them the first ever facial wipes to use with your daily skincare routine.


If you’re jetting off over Easter don’t leave home without Heaven’s Luxurious Flight Bag which contains five essential products including the unique Bee Venom Mask which is ideal for rehydrating the skin after a long-haul flight.


The bag also includes Heaven Scent which helps to lift your spirit and helps with the fear of flying as its aphrodisiac properties release happy thoughts in the brain.


Other essentials include the Hydro cleansing milk (25m) which cleans and seals the skin against moisture loss, great for sun burnt skin on holiday. Peppermint Clarifying Lotion (25ml) which leaves a film of hydration on the skins surface, preventing it from drying out. It also prevents imperfections, while guarding against coughs and colds in the atmosphere and Vanilla Pod Hand and Nails Cream (15ml).


Don’t leave home without it!



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