A skincare range based on water

Eau Thermale Avène harnesses the soothing powers of thermal spring water, which rises from mountains in Southern France, to create its range of dermo-cosmetic products for super sensitive skin

Images L to R: Avène Thermal Spring Spray; Avène Hydrotherapy Center

Avène-les- Bains Hydrotherapy Centre in the Southern France has specialised in the dermatological treatment of sensitive skin for more than two centuries by harnessing the soothing and anti-irritating properties of Avène thermal spring water.

The Avène thermal spring rises from the foot of the Cevennes Mountains in southern France in the lush Orb Valley.

The water emerges from the depths of the mountains where it has been flowing for more than 40 years. For centuries the thermal spring water has been used to treat serious skin problems. In 1874 the French Authorities officially declared the hydrotherapy centre as “beneficial for the general public”.

The spring water emerges from the ground at 25.6C. It is clear, bacteriologically pure, with a pH close to neutral. It has a low mineral content and incorporates essential trace elements 9iron, copper, fluorine, silver, manganese) and silica leaving a fine softening film on the skin.

The use of spring water in Eau Thermale Avène products makes it the ideal treatment for every level of skin irritation from sensitive and intolerant to allergic as it soothes and comforts.

One of Avène’s most effective products is the Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray which is bottled in a sterile unit at the source of the water. This method guarantees biological purity which is why millions of women around the world keep the spray in their handbags to freshen up while at work or travelling.

The Avène Hydrotherapy Centre, which has been dedicated to dermatology since 1743, welcomes up to 4,000 patients for a 21-day personalised treatment plan from April to October.

Treatments for people suffering from eczema to psoriasis are all under the supervision of dermatologists and include drinking the Avène Thermal Spring Water.



Medical treatments with Avène Thermal Spring Water only:

• Baths, showers and sprays

• Filiform showers

• General and localised pulverisations

• Underwater massage

• Thermal spring water compresses

Specific treatments using products formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water:

• Body wrapping with emollient cream

• Hydroheliotherapy (supervised UV treatments)
Educational programmes and workshops are also available for patients to help them better understand the pathology and therefore optimise the result of their treatments


Eluage by Eau Thermale Avène



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