The Murad method

Dr Murad facials have become legendary among A-listers – PENNY McCORMICK visited The Third Space Spa at The Marylebone Hotel, London to try out the Intensive-C Radiance Peel and left feeling like a supermodel herself…

Images: Courtesy The Third Space Spa


You can’t get more central than The Marylebone Hotel. Turn right at the front door and you are almost on Oxford Street, while another left turn and you’re in the heart of Marylebone High Street with its village-style ambiance and boutiques.




A stay at the hotel combines this enviable location with a boutique vibe and the hallmarks of an Irish welcome – friendliness, sincerity and quality service. As part of the Doyle Collection, the Marylebone, like it’s counterparts in the group, has several aces up its well-designed sleeve. Breakfast is one, Aromatherapy Associates products in the suite bathrooms another, while access to a top notch spa a third.




It was obvious on arrival at The Third Space spa that it’s filled with hotel guests like myself (on a weekend treat) as well as in-the-know regulars who are there for a Murad makeover. I’d heard of Dr Murad and seen the products, (available at Marks & Spencer), but with a hefty price tag had not really given them a second glance.




It wasn’t until I heard that Jerry Hall has recently revealed the secret to her youthful skin as regular Dr Murad facials that I started to investigate the brand more fully. Add the fact that Nicole Scherzinger and Thandie Newton are fans and I decided to get a piece of the action for myself.

Firstly who is Dr Murad? Well, he’s a leading American dermatologist, pharmacist and researcher who has devoted the past 30 years to making beautiful skin for everyone.




He says, "A healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. Good skin care can lead the way to overall health. Take all the necessary steps to achieve healthy skin - including the right products, the proper nutrients and positive lifestyle choices - and over time, your whole body will be healthier too."




This ‘inclusive health’ approach has certainly been adopted recently yet he was advocating dietary supplements (such as fish oils) way ahead of the current trend. Not only that but he pioneered glycolic acid back in 1989 and has written several books. His first, The Murad Method (2003) is part science, part savoir faire. He believes in ‘eating water’ – via raw foods, rather than guzzling litres, as well as feeding the skin from the inside out. Sleep is a key factor in his overall regime (with a humidifier in the bedroom!) as is gentleness.




It’s the latter which I found most compelling during the one hour facial at The Third Space which began with the usual questionnaire on what I wanted to achieve. It’s always tempting to answer these facetiously (world peace or supermodel good looks) so I wrote ‘radiance’ tentatively. My therapist decided therefore that a key component of the facial would be Murad’s Intensive-C Radiance Peel.

I had pre-conceived notions this would include a lot of scrubbing and buffing but the initial cleansing was brief yet thorough, done under a short blast of steam.NNN




Extraction is not part of the deal being contrary to Dr Murad’s belief in being gentle with the skin. The peel was administered and is a serum lightly applied for a limited time period; in my case three minutes only. I was dubious that this would do little, if any good. It was removed and then I had a luxurious facial massage followed by a mask.




The therapist also included an arm and hand massage as part of the treatment and after another cleanse administered moisturiser and eye cream. The approach was simple and delicate – in accordance with Murad’s ‘cleanse, target, hydrate’ philosophy.




When the therapist handed me the mirror I was surprised with the results. Radiance was indeed the buzz word; achievable in one treatment alone and with so little effort. Upon further investigation the Instensive-C Radiance Peel’s secret ingredients are none other than glycolic acid (to help with exfoliation), as well as Vitamin C and Indian Fig which enhances luminosity, and Myrtle extract which supports collagen and skin elasticity.



I was told that the serum also helps counteract pigmentation and sun damage, so as a cure all for stressed or post-holiday skin, it’s a three-in-one wonder. I’m not usually a sucker for post facial product recommendations, but on this occasion I felt compelled to buy. So I may not be a supermodel, but at least I can have supermodel skin. Dr Murad has added another fan to the legions!


Need to Know:
Vitamin C Infusion facial £80, (Buy a course of five and get the sixth free)

Tel: The Third Space 0207 7046444.


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