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Expert tips on selecting the best swim wear for spa travelling

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Swim wear expert Verity Symcox who sells a full range of designer costumes at her boutique, Verite Louise Lingerie in Cheltenham, shares the secrets of buying and looking after your swim suit after a day in the spa.


What are the three keys points you should bear in mind when buying a swim suit for a spa holiday?


You should ask yourself the following questions: Are you planning on relaxing by the pool all day or do you need it for exercise? Will you be wearing it for specialist treatments; for example mud wraps or in a floatation tank? Will you be using the spa facilities every day or just a few times?



How can you ensure the swimwear you choose doesn’t lose its colour?


Over time all swimwear will fade, but washing it properly and keeping it out of direct sun/heat will do it wonders. Monitor the time you spend in heavily heated plunge pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas. If you are going to be spending the whole day using these facilities maybe change your costume after lunch to give the other one a rest. Always use the showers before getting in or after getting out.



What is the best way to wash and dry your swimwear?


We recommend rinsing at the end of each day in luke warm water and leaving to air dry but out of the sun. Do not leave it in a plastic bag or towel! The simplest thing is to jump in the shower with it on before stripping off and letting it soak in a sink while you finish off showering. Take care when applying sun tan lotions or spa products. Do not use the spin drying machines in changing rooms! We sell the perfect travel sized wash especially designed to look after lycra products if you really want to keep it in the best condition.




Swim suits made for spa travelling

How can you help a swim suit retain its shape?


Dry it away from direct heat, do not wring it out again and again after rinsing. But washing it thoroughly (as recommended above) and using a Lycra friendly wash will dramatically improve the costumes life.



What brands would you recommend for women seeking more control?


We carry a range called Charmline – Look one size slimmer. And it does just that. It is a lightweight fabric that is comfortable to wear. Often patterned costumes are patterned for a reason, to enhance and disguise the right areas. A plain black costume isn’t always the best.



In order to keep a swim suit in tip top condition what should you avoid?


Avoid using it during treatments. The oil/mud and other products that will make your skin look and feel fabulous won’t be as kind to your costume. If you want to wear a costume and many people do, I recommend using an old one that you don’t use elsewhere. Again monitor time spent in Jacuzzis.



What are the colours and fashions for the new season?


Navy, purple and pink are key colours for this year. But think patterns especially bright floral prints on white backgrounds. Also look at what colours work for you and give yourself confidence when you’re bearing all.



What must-have accessories do you feel are essential for people embarking on a week-long spa retreat in the tropics?


A long sleeved kaftan or shirt to cover up in the midday heat. But pack light, use your swim wear as underwear under loose dresses, shorts and t shirts when not at the pool. Our range of Holster flip flops are proving popular, with a non-slip sole, washable surface and just the right amount of glam they will be practical for wearing round the pool or on a day trip



If people are investing in an expensive swim suit what are they getting for their money?


Ultimately a better quality of lycra, dye and print design on the fabric and extra detailing. To warrant a more expensive costume they will have been thoroughly tested before sent to market so it will be as indestructible as possible. They normally are quicker to dry and lighter to wear. It will also be a shape and style that the high street will be unable to copy.




Verite Louise's Top Five Tips

• Rinse, rinse, rinse after use. Take a specialist lyrca travel wash with you and use it!

• Watch where you sit! Remember pool surfaces including sun loungers give your costume that "bobbly bottom" effect, not the other way around.

• Stay out of the midday heat! The heat will damage the costume and your perspiration will degrade the lycra.

• Monitor time spent in heavily heated Jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas, use the shower facilities after time spent in these if you are unable to change swimwear.

• When you get home do not wash it in the machine with fabric softener! If you want to machine wash it, then please use a delicate or hand wash setting and refer to your costumes specific washing instructions. Store it in a breathable bag, box or cupboard, no plastic please.

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