10 Reasons to advertise online

REACH:Advertise to a mass audience or target a niche group

The Spa Traveller readers are luxury spa-goers


Advertising online builds positive long-term associations

The Spa Traveller helps you associate with other luxury spas and brands


The right advert for the right audience based on demographics, content, behaviour and geography

We help you say what you’re offering]


Creative opportunities are available to attract and connect with your audience

Use eye-catching images.


Capture the attention of our readers with various premium positions for your campaign

Use an eye-catching and engaging ‘call to action’


Add social media channels and engage via another platform

Utilise The Spa Traveller social media channels


Reporting and consumer behaviour can be added to your campaign to measure its performance.

We use measuring tools to track performance throughout all channels


Lets people click, view, watch, type, drag and interact with your brand.

Creative and eye-catching and compelling calls-to-action


Messaging can be updated and developed throughout the duration of your campaign

Flexible relevant content and calls to action, can be changed as often as is required, daily, weekly, monthly


Brand building on the move, means your advert or message can be seen anywhere

All The Spa Traveller content is fully responsive and works across all platforms, desktop, tablet and mobile

Source: IAB UK and Spa Traveller Wellness

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