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We can all remember our first spa treatment and wondered how we could or should undress in-front of a complete stranger. What should we wear under our bathrobe?

There's no need to fuss about whether you should arrive in the treatment room with or without pants - some spas provide guidelines and for those that don't, we have included a few spa wear guidelines to help you make the most of your spa experience and have the relaxing time you deserve:


Your Spa wear questions answered


Q. What do I wear at the Spa?

Normal attire can be worn to the spa and you can change into a robe in the changing facilities.

When having a face or body treatment or attending a Spa Day, bath robes and slippers are generally provided. Any spa that doesn't provide these is not worth visiting!

Facials: use the bath robes and slippers provided. We recommend under garments are worn throughout the treatment. However, it is ok to wear normal attire and just remove your upper clothing for the facial.

Body Treatments: again use the bath robes and slippers provided. If you are a touch shy or reserved, we recommend under garments (pants or a swimming costume, or disposable underwear if provided) are worn throughout the treatment.

For regular spa buffs, nothing under the robe is acceptable, especially if you are having a treatment which has loads of creams and lotions.

Wraps:  the therapist will most likely offer a pair of paper knickers / pants to put on, or they'll be discretely provided with your gown, slippers and towel. Some spas request that you wear underwear. Your therapist will tell you what's appropriate.

If you feel uncomfortable having a therapist of the opposite gender undertake your treatment, we advise you request a same sex therapist when you make your spa reservation.

Some spas, especially those in the Middle East generally provide this as a standard.

Spas in Germany and the Scandinavian countries are quite liberal, so don't be surprised to find unisex changing facilities and heat-rooms full of unclothed people of the opposite gender...


Q. What do I do when I get to the Spa?

When you arrive at the spa the therapist or receptionist will show you around the facilities and familiarise you with the correct dress atire and location of the wet facilities and chill rooms.

They will then provide you with a locker, robe and slippers to change into. You should then take time to relax in the relaxation room, and if you have time, enjoy the heat facilities (steam, sauna and hot tub) before your therapist takes you through to the treatment rooms for your treatment.

We do advise that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your treatment so you have time do this.


Q. Are personalised consultations provided for spa treatments?

Before every treatment you should have, or request a consultation with your therapist. This is so the therapist can tailor treatments to suit your individual needs and ensure you do not have any medical conditions that would restrict or stop the treatment from going ahead.


Q. Do I need to talk to my therapist during my treatment?

You should simply sit or lie down, relax and enjoy your treatment. However if you feel uncomfortable, cold or have any other issues the therapist is always at hand to ensure you are comfortable. You should not feel under any obligation or pressure to participate in conversation, however if you are of the more chatty personality, and feel comfortable doing so then you may.


Q. Am I under any obligation to purchase the products used during my spa treatment?

Most of products used during a treatment can be purchased, subject to availability. Although most spa staff are professionally trained and operate ethically, some spas offer staff financial incentives to encourage clients to purchase certain branded spa products or to sell treatments which are most profitable. Do not feel under obligation to purchase products directly after a treatment.


Q. Can I wear make-up after a facial?

We recommend you do not apply any makeup after your facial. This is so your skin receives the full benefits of the facial. Makeup can often congest the pores. By allowing the skin to breath, helps the products applied, to benefit and treat the skin.


Q. Should I leave my contact lenses in?

For any eye or facial treatments we do advise you remove your contact lenses to avoid any irritation to the eyes.


Q. I can relax in the chill room after my treatment.

You are there to relax. The chill rooms are there for your pleasure, so all you need to think about is relaxing.


The Spa Traveller: "A good spa experience is more than just the treatment, it's the whole encounter from when you arrive to when you leave..."



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