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United Kingdom

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Casablanca Spa London


Casablanca Spa

Casa Spa is a sanctuary of calm within luxurious and tranquil surroundings. Delights to refresh each sense and intuitive care takes on deeper meaning, your feelings of wellbeing will linger.



The Spa

At Casa Spa we believe that beauty is more than skin deep. Our unique, Integrated approach to health and beauty can help you achieve a sense of well-being and balance - mind, body and soul.


WOW factor
Holistic approach to skin and body which unveils the inner natural beauty.



The owners

Tunisian born Helen Murphy has been perfecting her beauty and Hammam skills since 1978 when she trained in Beauty in Marylebone London. In 2005 she worked at Tunisia’s exclusive Hammam Bourguiba. All the knowledge and expertise she has gathered from both London and North Africa merge at Casa Spa.



Turkish Bath and Arabian Hammam

Conjuring up images of the Orient, our Turkish Bath and Arabian Hammam experiences feel like pure indulgence! No-one can deny a Hammam or Turkish Bath is a soothing and cleansing, sensual and practical experience. These spa packages make for a great day out with best friends or partners, so why not indulge yourself and book an experience for two? or why not treat a friend or family member to an experience day gift idea?



An Arabian escape
Originally, men and women would take a trip to the Turkish baths to relieve themselves from the hot, dusty streets outside. Nowadays, its main purpose is to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, as well as promote good health via massage and heat therapy. Hammams are designed to bring physical and mental well being. In pure Arabian tradition, you immerse yourself in a steam bath of 50°C at 100 per cent humidity. The benefits: The steam relaxes your muscles and cleanses the skin. The humidity also helps eliminate toxins.



Traditional Moroccan Hammam

What is a Turkish Hammam?
A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself. Enjoy a fantastic exfoliation over a steam bath in our private hammam and enjoy Eastern traditions of the Turkish baths or the Moroccan Hammam.


How does it work?
A Turkish massage isn’t carried out on your run of the mill massage table; instead you’ll be led into a Turkish bath (hammam), similar to a steam room but with tile surfaces and much larger. Traditionally the baths have a domed roof to let shafts of light in, but modern day spa hammams can also not have any natural light - Casa Spa is the latter.


Around the edge of the hammam there is a platform where you’ll be asked to sit or lie for a good 20 minutes while you work up a sweat. When your therapist re-appears, you should be feeling relaxed and with open pores, ready for a full body exfoliation. Armed with a coarse mitt, your therapist will then pummel and slough your skin, helping you shed a layer of dirt and debris. A douse of cold water will follow to rinse off any grime.


Depending on your choice of treatment you will receive a Turkish massage. By now, you might have realised that this isn’t the tenderest of treatments and back on the slab, your arms, shoulders, neck, legs, chest and back will be vigorously massaged. Luckily, because the heat will have helped you limber up; none of the moves should be uncomfortable. After your kneading session, you’ll experience a generous serving of soap suds, courtesy of some olive oil soap and an odd shaped loofah. The loofah is swished around in warm water before having air blown into it, which then forces the soapy air thorough fine holes and onto your torso. Depending on the exact treatment, the bubble bag may be produced before or after the initial massage.


When you start to get lost under the lather, it’s time for another quick rinse (sometimes using cool water tubs which can be found at the perimeter in the inside of the hammam), followed by a hair and body wash, then it’s off to a cooler room or relaxation area where you’ll be left to unwind and admire your sparkling skin. Moroccan tea and fresh fruits will be served to you as you share experiences with others or just close your eyes and fall asleep!


We advise our clients (both male and female) to don a swimsuit. Although traditional Turkish baths will see masseurs in no more than a pair of pants, spas do have rules and regulations against that sort of thing, so your therapist will more than likely be fully clothed or wearing a swimsuit also.


Please note: Casa Spa is a unisex hammam. The steam room is used by men and women at the same time. If this is something you are not happy with, please discuss with your therapist who will do their best to accommodate.

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