Choose the right treatment for you

Tips on how to decide which spa suits you best

You’ve decided to indulge yourself and book a well deserved and relaxing spa afternoon.

Have you ever taken time to think about what the best treatment is for you? Or do you just arrive and take the advice of the helpful Spa receptionist, or book over the phone, not really thinking about what you really need?

We cut through the fluff and helps maximise your relaxation time with our guide to the treatments which are best for your needs. Let your body do the talking…

Decide on the purpose of the spa treatment. Are you looking strictly for relaxation, or is there something specific that you want to accomplish with your spa treatment?

If you just want to relax and melt into the massage table, a luxurious treatment like a hot stone massage will give you the pure bliss that you're seeking. If you have sore muscles, a Swedish massage with some extra work in your problem areas might be more appropriate.

With your partner? Decide whether you want a singles or a couples experience. Many spas offer a variety of family / companion treatments for those who enjoy being pampered with their partner. If both prefer something traditional, book separate massages in a double suite.


If you're looking for something a little more private and adventurous, consider an Exotic Rasuul treatment. Rather than having a hands-on massage performed by a spa therapist, the Rasuul provides you and your partner with your own private steam and shower rooms. You're given a variety of muds and spa products to try, with complete privacy for a couple of hours. It can be as low key or romantic as you choose to make it.

Decide on your budget. If you're on a strict budget take advantage of seasonal specials, or select a shorter massage treatment. Spas are not as busy during mid-week and weekday mornings, so they will often offer off-peak specials and discounts on a variety of treatments and packages.

If a hands-on treatment is not for you, how about spending time in the wet areas enjoying saunas and steam rooms, heated-tile lounge chairs or the relaxation beds in a chillout room surrounded by the soothing sound of running water or a fountain.


The place to be... Champneys

Decide whether you want to try something new or play it safe. Many spas offer a wide variety of treatments, from traditional Swedish and aromatherapy massages to reflexology and body wraps.

Most people are familiar with massages and feel comfortable sticking with those. If you want to try something a little bit different but not too exotic, see our guide to a whole range of treatments.

If you want to stray even farther from the usual, how about trying an ocean or seaweed wrap? Similar to a mud wrap, your body is encased in a warm seaweed mixture, and whilst wrapped up, you can relax basking in the soothing heat. After showering off the wrap, many spas offer a therapeutic body massage to compliment the experience.

Still not sure where to start? Research spa offerings online and explore the treatment listings offered before deciding what to book. If you are traveling on holiday, try to decide on your choices in advance, so you have something to look forward to. Once you arrive at a new resort, it’s always a good idea to go on a spa tour.

Ask the head therapist to take you on a tour of the treatment rooms, wet zones and relaxation areas. If you need help, ask a knowledgeable and trained member of staff or therapist to explain the various options, and if need be, even get a demonstration on how some of the treatments work.

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