Peat relief

For more than 130 years people have been travelling to Lázne Belohrad in the Czech Republic to seek relief from the indigenous peat which is used in a variety of treatments from baths to poultices.

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These treatments are now offered by the luxurious Tree of Life Spa Resort which is situated in the stunning countryside of Lazne Belohrad – only an hour drive from the historic city of Prague – and near the source of the natural peat reserves.




This modern, family-friendly spa offers more than 80 traditional treatments, massages, beauty procedures and medical therapies. They specialise in specially-tailored which can extend up to two weeks for maximum benefits.




Attentive staff, which includes their own on-site doctor, are focused on helping guests achieve positive results, which are achieved through a variety of procedures such as peat, hydrotherapy and physical exercise harnessing the power of the natural peat.




The peat is extracted from the countryside near the spa and once extracted is crushed, water is added and then the mixture is heated to a temperature of 37-39C. It is then used in the form of a peat compress or water is added to make up the therapeutic baths.




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Peat has a high capacity for retaining heat (seven times higher than water), so it doesn‘t cool down much during a treatment. The body warms up slowly in peat and this increases tissue perfusion which helps soothe muscular tension and reduce joint pain.




Peat baths and poultices are used to treat arthritis, conditions following joint-replacement operations plus eczema and cellulite.



Peat bath


This bath is taken at a temperature of around 38°C and lasts for 20 minutes. It warms the body deeply and evenly which helps relieve muscular tension, reduces pain, stimulates tissue regeneration, stabilises the nervous system and prevents inflammation. The active agents and minerals stimulate tissue regeneration and healing.



Natural peat poultice


Heated peat is applied in a layer a few centimetres thick; it is spread all over the relevant part of the body and left in place for 20 minutes. Deep heat builds up which loosens the muscles, washes inflammatory waste products out of the tissues and stimulates the metabolism. As it has a beneficial effect on the skin and hypodermis it is also used for cosmetic purposes and for treating cellulite.


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